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“We don’t expect children to discover the principles of calculus on their own but some would give them no guidance when it comes to ethics, morality & values”
-Ronald Regan

The country’s future depends on the upbringing, education and health of the children. We all know children spend the majority of their day in the school or tuition’s learning academics but character development can’t come from the classroom alone.

The qualities of character develop at different levels by observing, experiencing and through an interaction of family, school, community influences and the child’s experiences, choices and temperament.


In short, it depends very much on what & how, they learn during their developing years. So in addition to academics children must have the knowledge of Life skills & Values. Life skills includes social skills, health & hygiene, relationships, handling emotions, organization, money matters, in short, day to day skills to become a confident, independent, responsible adult. Whereas Values means a belief which is important to you as a person or as a family or accepted by a culture/society/nation/World. Life Skills & Values go hand in hand in fact they are interlinked.

We conduct number of Child development programmers to achieve this.

  • Life skills classes & workshops for Children.
  • Child safety workshops for children.
  • Soft skills workshops for Children.
    • Confident communication workshops for Children.
    • Early Financial education for Children.



Tejomay Charitable Trust (TCT) focuses on the development of Children and empowerment of Women & Adults through education by providing them knowledge, skills and resources needed to make them self-reliant, irrespective of their social or economic status.

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