Aparna Shendurnikar Dixit
Founder & Managing Trustee

A software engineer with a post graduate diploma in Business Administration. I have years of experience as a Software engineer in IT-companies in USA. Before that I was a Tele-communication and a Computer lecturer in Government Polytechnic College, India. Being a daughter of socially active parents, who support many social causes & organize different programmes to help underprivileged people, I got introduced to social work pretty early in my life. It was after coming back from United States in late 2008 that I dreamt of driving a social change through Education for Children & Adults. After seven years of working in this field and my experience with children and women drove me to work towards a vision like Tejomay.

Sandeep Dikshit

Sandeep has more than 20 years of experience as an engineering professional. He brings full of creative ideas and loads of enthusiasm. Lots of our communication strategies are done by him. He is an ardent supporter of our work. He shares passion for social work and education. In his personal capacity and time, he has been involved in several activities organized by various NGOs to support underprivileged children and women.

Mrunalini shendurnikar

Passionate social worker, writer and a retired science teacher for more than thirty years. She is a practitioner of life skills education and conducts Radio programs for children on the same. She is a Naturopathy doctor and shares her vast knowledge to develop workshops for Tejomay.She is involved with many not for profits including as a trustee and a treasurer for VidyaVardhini and VidyaNiketan trusts. She has walked along with us right from the beginning to guide, advice and share her creative ideas with us.Her knowledge and experience in the field of education & social development is invaluable.

Pushpa Dixit

Sanskrit scholar and a retired language teacher for fourty years. She shares her Sanskrit knowledge to develop workshops for Tejomay. She has a keen interest in the social causes which brings positive changes in the society. She has been with us right from the start as our advisor and has been a continuous source of learning & encouragement.

Ramchandra Shendurnikar

He is a retired HoD of Commerce and a director of post graduate management courses. He has also worked as a Juvenile judge for many years. He also serves on the boards of‘Loknayak Bapuji AneyTrust’ as a trustee, one of the old charitable trusts. He has conducted different seminars on Time & Financial management, including a five day seminar for Class-one officers in Maharashtra. He is associated with All-India-Radio since two decades for sharing his expertise on finances. His knowledge and experience in Managementis an invaluable asset for us. His practical approach helps us in ethical decision making.

Tejomay Charitable Trust (TCT) focuses on the development of Children and empowerment of Women & Adults through education by providing them knowledge, skills and resources needed to make them self-reliant, irrespective of their social or economic status.

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