Thank you,Teacher !!!

5th September is celebrated as a Teacher’s day to show and express gratitude,respect to the contribution made by teachers to the society.It is the birthday of a second President of India & a great teacher Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnanan.

Tejomay’s Adult literacy program students celebrated Teacher’s day with great enthusiasm. The whole show was planned and coordinated by all the class students with minimal help from Aparna Didi. For this celebration two students Aarti and Deepa took the lead role. They together planned and organized everything successfully. The students enthusiastically started planning different activities a month before the celebration. All the students are house helpers (maids) and work full time but in spite of that, they all took out extra time, 2-3 hrs every week other than their regular literacy classes and practiced for songs, performance, made greeting cards, decorations etc. kudos to their dedication…just amazing…

The highlight of the celebration was, a little girl, Anya – 8yrs,  extended her helping hand by giving music to the student’s song, “I have a dream” …really praiseworthy. Our heartfelt thanks to Anya and her proud parents – who are educating & encouraging her to be a part of social responsibility activities at an early age.

This celebration was a surprise for all the teachers, so teachers were really astonished and felt proud of their students. Overall it was a great celebration and we all enjoyed it.

“Happy Teachers Day!!!”


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